Hi, I am a music composer for film, animation, commercials, and theater/dance shows. My choral singing debut was in June of 2009, with choral composer Eric Whitacre at Carnegie Hall in New York.

I am the founder/music director of Animated Eden, an international animation festival in northern England and I frequent to other film and animation festivals to stay current with the industry:

Sundance Film Festival- Park City, Utah

Annecy International Animation Festival- Annecy, France
Message to Man Film Festival and St. Petersburg Intl. Animation Festival - St. Petersburg, Russia
AniFest- Teplice, Czech Republic
FMX and International Trickfilm Festival - Stuttgart, Germany
South East Film Music Symposium- Chattanooga, Tennessee
Django Rhinehardt Festival- Samois-sur-Siene, France


I trained in composition in St. Petersburg, Russia, at the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, in the Shostakovich lineage, under Svetlana Nesterova and orchestral conducting under Alexsander Alexayevich. Upon returning from Russia, I completed a film scoring intensive course with composer Hummie Man at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Academy in Seattle, Washington, and since then, have worked for composer-extrodinare Klaus Badelt (Pirates Of The Carribean, The Time Machine, Equilibrium) and completed internships at Hans Zimmer's studio, Remote Control Productions.




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notes from collaborators

Animation: The Whole Strawy

"Arnie Rodriguez is a joy to work with. He composed the music to my animation "The Whole Strawy" from across the world, within the most tiny gap in time for a strict deadline, and our communication over the internet flowed like the sleekest of rivers. We exchanged ideas through various means back and fourth until we found the most perfect matching of sound to visual. His method of working melds with any other quite beautifully, and he follows lead extraordinary well. He also created the music for my relaxation CD which was a great hit, and we are currently working on more projects.”

-Holi Ilex, animator at Holime (



Independent Film Score: waking reviere

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Arnie while working on my grad school film, "Waking Reverie." Not of the soundtrack, fine­tuning every note like a watchmaker calibrating an expensive time­piece. In the end, only did the music add to my animation, but it elevated it to another level.

He would focus on every aspect the soundtrack perfectly followed the terror, fear, and eventual triumphs of my main character. The music Arnie created was the missing piece of my story's puzzle, and I could not image my film without it.
Arnie Rodriguez is a musical genius in the true sense of the word. A classically trained musician and composer, he can jump easily from any genre of music be it opera, theater, or even heavy metal. He is just as comfortable behind a piano as he is an electric guitar and he plays them both with the same amount of passion. He can hear a song, break it down to it's basic components, and replay it on almost any instrument. Without exaggeration, Arnie is one of the most talented and hard working musicians I have ever

~Andrew Riding, animator/creator of ‘Waking Reverie

Collaboration with Mccoy/meyer studios: Commercial reel

Eric McCoy and Justus Meyer at the 2015 Tongie Awards in Los Angeles

Eric McCoy and Justus Meyer at the 2015 Tongie Awards in Los Angeles

This sounds incredible! You did an amazing job on this, absolutely killed it!.....
.....Again, thank you so much for burning the midnight oil and delivering in the clutch. You've got a gift, my
friend, and I'm glad we met you at Sundance.
Talk Soon,

~Eric McCoy | Director

IMDB | Reel


Animated film: Mishu Mishu

“Arnie composed and recorded the soundtrack for my animated film «Mishu-Mishu».

Working with him was fun. Although we live in different countries, he kept me informed during his work, sending me updates so I could influence on the result, if I had such desire.

The result was great. It was original music perfectly corresponding to the story and adding to drama. I was also impressed that Arnie used live recording sessions, where other composers I had worked with used computer samples.

I am satisfied with my cooperation with Arnie and
looking forward to working with him on future projects!”


~Andrei Bakhurian, director/animator at


"In my experience, Arnie's music was awesomely crafted to match the story and visual part of our movie. His ability to transform the mood of the on-screen events in our animated short into music certainly moved the entire movie to a whole new level! From the very first version, I could hear not just music - it was a perfect counterpart to the visual part of the movie.

Big thanks again from the Czech Rep."


~Lubor Zelinka, director/animator at